Unlimited guide: How to get unique catchy business name ideas in 2024

If you’ve ideas and want to start your business then It’s crucial to select a perfect, unique, catchy business name for your startup. It’s most important to create your own brand identity in your online presence. In this article, you’ll try to touch on each point & idea to go through and make you confident to find your perfect business name for both online & offline.

A business name isn’t only a word, it’s your brand identity. It’ll appear on all of your branding products like logos, banners, calendars, t-shirts, mugs, cards, websites and so on. So before choosing, read the article carefully to get ideas regarding your startup name.

Figure out your business Category

Business name is the most important thing for your brand identity. So before running your offline stores or online/virtual business, you should name your business.  To find the perfect name for your startup firstly you’ve to define your business category. There are lots of business categories.

Check out some Business categories below:

Arts & CraftsComputersLuggageSports & Outdoors
AutomotiveElectronicsMovies & TelevisionTools & Home 
BabyHealth & HouseholdMusic, CDs & VinylImprovement
Beauty & Personal CareHome & KitchenPet SuppliesToys & Games
BooksIndustrial & ScientificSoftwareVideo Games

Product angles should be considered

Look at your products from a different angle, it might help you to find a very unique, catchy, attractive name for your brand identity. 

For example: If you’re starting a furniture business then don’t think only about furniture but also consider which shapes you’re mainly focusing on to make it unique from your competitors.

If you’re starting a clothing brand then you should keep in mind which ages you’re focusing and which gender you’re targeting.

Brainstorm possible brand identity

You decided to start a business that means you know your product/service. Now it’s time to brainstorm and create a unique and catchy business name.

When you’re starting a brand you’ve to identify your competitors and their products/services and you should define what you’re going to serve extra from them. Now Brainstorm and try to find a name that conveys your business ideas. Which describes your specialty.

You can also try a word that describes the benefits of using your product and services. Which can shortly describe the customer’s feelings.

Pick a synonym, dictionary word or foreign words

If you are stuck, then you can randomly pick a name from a dictionary to name your small business. Just choose a name which represents your product category.

If you have a word in mind to name your business and it already exists in business then simply think in a different way like trying to find synonyms that convey your dream. 

Or you can use foreign words instead of your main word. You may use Latin or Greek words.

Be aware of geographics name

If you want my suggestion either use geographics in your business name or not. I’ll suggest you to not use any geo names in your business name.

Geo names might have some benefits in local SEO but they also have some disadvantages. By using geo names you’re spreading information that you’re for only that region. 

If you want to start a global brand or you have a plan to serve both the inner side and outside of your area then you must avoid geo names in your brand name.

For example, Minnesota Manufacturing and Mining is now 3M. Why? They’re now working outside of Minnesota as well.

Make it short, easy and simple to understand

Your business name needs to be short, simple and easy to understand. Look around, you’ll find some global brands, what they use to name their brand, isn’t it soo short & easy to understand. The answer is Yes, right? 

Think about Google, it’s soo simple and easy to spell, write and understand. Let’s think about Apple, blackberry, Facebook etc. They all are so simple & short.

Soo make your brand name short, simple, easy to spell, write and understand. It’ll create some extra value for doing proper branding.

You’ve to avoid trends in choosing any brand name. Because trends always change, bear in mind you’re going to open a permanent business not an occasional business. Hopefully, you understood what I intended to say.

Avoid too narrow or too literal

Don’t be too narrow or too literal. Suppose you named your business hiking gear but you’re thinking of expanding your business so hiking gear won’t convey anymore.

Soo don’t be too narrow or too literal.

Use Latin words

It’s very difficult to find a perfect name for your business. Suppose you find a name but it’s already registered or trademarked. Then what to do? Simple! Just translate the main word in Latin or Greek or Spanish or so on and find the unique catchy short & simple brand name. 

Avoid others’ decisions, be creative and test your thinking

Be creative and brainstorm to choose your brand name, don’t be provoked by your surroundings. After choosing your business name you can take opinions from your friends, family and your committee members.

Use your name

You can use your name in your brand name, it’ll be best practice.

Suppose your name is MR. John and you’re going to open a dairy farm. John’s Dairy would be the perfect choice for your business name.

Use acronyms

You can use acronyms instead of full names, it’s a great idea to name any business. 

There are a lot of examples, like British Broadcasting Corporation Is well known as BBC, Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha is known as YKK.

Get inspiration from myth and literature 

When you’re finding your startup name, take a look at your surroundings. You can get inspiration from myth and literature, it might help you to get a perfect name for business. You can also consider some characters to relate to your brand name.

Check name availability 

Finally, you got a name for your startup, right? But stay tuned, cause the process isn’t finished yet! 

This time you need to verify your brand name. Check your chosen name by searching online, either someone using it or not in your industry category. You can also check with the Secretary of your state.

Check the domain name availability and claim it

Check your chosen name, Is that available to register as a domain or not?

If it’s available to register then take it. If the name is already registered then reconsider your chosen name. 

If all goes well then register your business name with your local procedure to go ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I choose a unique business name?

Business name isn’t only a word, it’s your brand identity. It’ll appear on all of your branding products like logo, banner, calendar, t-shirt, mug, card, etc and website as well.

Simply think about your business category, use your name, acronyms, and Latin words, avoid trends & maps, brainstorm and make your name short & easy to understand.

After choosing a name verify the trademark and register your business and secure your domain. That’s it.

For a clear conception, please read the article again.

What’s a catchy name?

A name which can easily touch people’s emotions and easy to understand what it is for. That means a catchy name is easy to spell & it gives ideas about the brand and it’s services & products.

Q: How do I figure out my business category when choosing a name?

A: Start by clearly defining what your business does. Research industry terminology and descriptors. This will help guide you in choosing a name that conveys your business category.

Q: Should I use a generic name or be more creative?

A: Generic names are safer but may not stand out. A creative name can help you build a stronger brand identity but may be harder to trademark. Consider your goals and potential for expansion when deciding between generic and creative names.

Q: Is it okay to use my name in my business name?

A: Using your name in the business name, like “John’s Landscaping”, is perfectly acceptable. This gives customers a feeling of personal connection. Just make sure you check trademark availability first.

Q: How can I check if a business name is available?

A: Search online to see if any businesses in your industry category are already using the name. Also, check with your Secretary of State’s office to ensure the name is available for registration in your state. Verify domain name availability as well.

Q: Should I use a geographic location in my business name?

A: Only do so if you plan to stay local. Geographic names limit your ability to expand outside your area in the future. Companies like 3M have rebranded to remove geographic references.

Q: What are some tips for creating a short, memorable name?

A: Keep it to 2-3 words or less. Use common words that are easy to remember and spell. Consider acronyms or combining words in creative ways. Test names with your target audience for memorability.

Q: How can I ensure my name is unique?

A: Thoroughly research industry categories and trademarks to ensure it is not already in use. Consider unusually combining words or using foreign words and translations to create something unique.

Q: What should I do once I’ve chosen a name?

A: Register your business name and domain name, trademark your name if possible, and begin integrating the name into your brand identity and marketing materials.

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